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Jimmer & Matilda - HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We are back!!

December 31, 2015

We’re back!  It has been a long two-year hiatus for us at Lavender Crest Farm. Store and tour operations ground to a halt when Mom (Sharon) had 4 hips surgeries and one fall (in that order)! 

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Jimmer here....while it was still only 20 here this morning, the Sun was out and so were the birds.

March 29, 2015

Jimmer here - it is chilly, but our birds are out.....

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Out and about the farm today - what is it?????

March 28, 2015

Jimmer here - A deer selfie - but read my post and tell us - WHAT IS THIS????

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Lavender- Double Chocolate Muffins:

March 22, 2015

Matilda here - Dad and I baked some of these Lavender-Double Chocolate Muffins over the weekend. I couldn't have any (chocolate is not good for dogs - at least that is what dad said - I think he just wanted more of them for himself). But boy did they smell good!!!!

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Lavender-Mint Butter Cookies

March 16, 2015

Lavender - Mint Butter Cookies: Matilda here - Dad and I baked some of these cookies over the weekend. I thought you might enjoy the recipe. (THEY WERE GOOD!!!!!)

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Our Elusive Grey Matilda

March 14, 2015

Hi - this is Matilda reporting. (Jimmer just finished breakfast and went outside already.) We finally caught our elusive fox in a daytime picture.

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Vakur, a year later

March 12, 2015

 Vakur, (my buddy) and our youngest Icelandic horse will be a year-old in the next couple of weeks. Boy has he grown. He is all boy and energetic. But he is turning out to be quite a handsome devil.

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How is Sharon?

March 05, 2015 4 Comments

A lot of friends have been asking "How is Sharon (MOM) doing?" As you know, she had to have hip revision surgery on her right hip.

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Dad is letting us write a blog....

February 23, 2015

  Matida and I (my name is Jimmer - I am the handsome one - OK, brown dog) volunteered to write this blog.

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Member's Discount

February 17, 2015


Members of the Lavender Crest Farm Community receive a 20% discount on everything they purchase.

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Website Redesigned!!!!

February 10, 2015

We are excited about this day! Our redesigned website is up and design, new pictures and even new products. You can also shop from FaceBook.

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