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Meet the Horses

Icelandic horses love being around people, because of their love for people they excel as therapy horses. They come in as many as 42 different color combinations! Some types of Icelandic horses coats even change color by seasons. They are especially known for their five different gaits, two of which are specific to the Icelandic horse the tolt and flying pace. It won’t take you long to discover that Icelandic horses really do love people, just walk over near our fences and call them and they will quickly run over to say hello. And they love being in pictures so be prepared for them to get up and close for their photo op.




Meara Stella is our dappled grey dun Icelandic mare. She was born on the farm, is now 9 years old and is quite a character. She is the “boss mare” and of course we all work for her. She is very talkative and always expresses her opinion. When visitors arrive at the farm, she will usually be the first horse to greet them.

Hrauster is our black stallion. He came to the farm when he was one (1) and is now 11. He is a complete gentleman. He has a long mane that covers most of his face and loves to have is brushed out. He is very strong and is five (5) gaited, but just loves to give rides to young children.

Lilla is a red dun and is a very tall and pretty horse. She was born on the farm and is 5 years old. She can be a little shy, but like her father (Hrauster) she loves to be brushed and because of her temperament and good looks, people like to spend time talking with her and giving her treats.

Pen is a real sweet heart. She is 4 years old and is Meara Stella’s first foal. She looks just like Meara Stella with a striking mane and the grey dun color. She loves to come over and bury her head into your side, so you can tell her all your worries for the day. She loves to read books with you.

Then there is Vikur. Meara Stella is also his mother and he is 3years old. He takes after his father , Hrauster and is pure black in color. He is still developing and his mane is not yet quite as long as Hrauster’s, but he has the same temperament and loves to play. He will play at times with Jimmer and they both like to run, run and run.