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Vakur, a year later

March 12, 2015


Vakur, (my buddy) and our youngest Icelandic horse will be a year-old in the next couple of weeks. Boy has he grown. He is all boy and energetic. But he is turning out to be quite a handsome devil.

You see (according to dad) the Icelandic horse has been around and purebred for more than a millennium. They were brought to Iceland by the Vikings. Some people look at them as small almost pony like, but make no mistake they are sturdy and extremely intelligent. In Iceland during the summer, they roam freely, completely untended by humans, until rounded up in a big celebration at the end of the season. Over the years, this has developed horses that are herd oriented but self-sufficient. They are gaited horses and while it is still a little early to tell we think Vakur is five gaited.

Since his birth Vakur has been with his mom Meara-Stella, older sister Pen, Lilla a three year old mare and Sol, our grandmother mare all roaming in a large pasture here at our farm. He has received some training, but will begin to learn to stand quietly for the farrier and the Vet, work in an arena, bathing and his pecking order within the herd. He will also be introduced to Hrauster, his father and our stallion. We are hoping they will become pasture mates.

He has a lot of energy and can be a handful at times; but I enjoy running and playing with him….


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