Lavender Crest is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit - ID #81-5159323


Lavender Crest

Exhale – Explore – Enjoy

A therapeutic/care farm working In unison with farm animals, lavender and other plants, and the nature around us. Lavender Crest brings hope, joy, and unlimited possibilities through the healing powers of nature.

  • A farm where a diversity of groups can experience sensory areas that will provide intimate spaces where individuals can be immersed in the fragrances, textures and colors of plants and related elements
  • Natural areas that will provide effective and creative animal-assisted therapy and encourage the development of human-animal relationships
  • A positive, non-judgmental environment for individuals and animals
  • Educational and community outreach programs that teach humane care and the prevention of cruelty to animals

Our therapy includes:

Horticultural therapy, healing gardens and landscapes where plants, horticulture, gardens and landscapes are used in therapy as settings to improve well-being

Animal assisted therapy, education and activities that strive to improve and cultivate mutually beneficial lifelong relationships between people and animals

 “Tests show that natural settings fire up opioid receptors connected to the brain's dopamine reward system.” In other words, “nature is like a little drop of morphine for the brain, Opioid receptors inhibit pain, but they are also good for stress relief, forming emotional bonds and positive thinking.”  (Eva M. Selhub, Alan C. Logan)