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Meet the Cats

 This is Kupo.  We inherited her from our daughter when she moved to the west coast.  We thought we were doing her a favor but we got the better end of the deal.  Kupo is fifteen years old and LOVES David!  She and Sharon work together during the day but once David comes home she is all his.  This pretty calico keeps us busy as she really is the boss of the house.

Hetty Sue is a beautiful long-haired, grey cat.  When Sharon was teaching, one of her students asked if she wanted a kitten.  Sharon, of course, said YES!  Hetty Sue is very quiet and we often forget she is around.  That is until, out of the blue, she runs around the house creating as much havoc as she can.  She creates quite a ruckus but has the most quiet meow we’ve ever heard.

Muddy was part of a package deal when we inherited Kupo.  She and Kupo are the same age but Muddy is twice as big as Kupo.  She is black and white and is quite the talker.  All you have to do is say her name or talk to her and you are now involved in quite a conversation.  She loves sitting on Sharon’s lap at night.


Sierra is a very small, all-black cat.  We rescued her from a local humane society when a friend told us she was there.  We have never regretted doing so.  She meets us at the door each time we come home and loves lots of petting.  Sierra has to be fed at an exactly the same time each day and lets us know when any water bowl is empty.