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Meet the Cats

 This is Louise.  She was rescued from a local shelter and so sick we were not sure if she would make it.  But with lots of loving care from Sharon, she is doing well. She and Sharon work together during the day and she follows Sharon all over the house. She really enjoys to sew. This pretty calico keeps us busy as she really is the boss of the house.




Hetty Sue came to us as a rescue cat from a local farm. She was a little underweight and had a cold. But with some good food, a warm place to sleep and plenty of love she soon was up and playing with everyone. She can be very quiet and we often forget she is around.  That is until, out of the blue, she runs around the house creating as much havoc as she can.


Sierra is a very small, all-black cat.  We rescued her from a local humane society.  We have never regretted doing so.  She meets us at at the door each time we come home and loves attention. Sierra has to be fed at exactly the same time each day and lets us know when any water bowl is low.















Pearl.  I was alone and lonely under bales of hay in the barn.  Jimmer found me and told my Dad so I wouldn't get hurt.  I was just 4 weeks old.  Jimmer still watches out for me.  Now, I run the Sweet household.  All of it.