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Meet the Dogs

Meet Matilda, she is a Blue Merle miniature Australian Shepherd. She is 12 years old and enjoys working on the farm with Jimmer. Her original owners were going to use her in their breeding program and then at two years old they decided against it. She then moved to Lavender Crest and has been a faithful and loving member of our family ever since. She enjoys our visits to "the hedge" and also likes to help Sharon bake and cook. 








Jimmer is 8 years old and is also an Australian Shepherd, but he is full size and a red tri-color. Jimmer started out as a competitive rally dog, actually winning a few first place ribbons in various competitions. His owner also wanted to breed him, but like Matilda’s owner decided when he was two years old not to use him for breeding. So he moved to Lavender Crest and has been a very loyal ambassador for the farm. Jimmer loves to run, run and run some more. He loves to play with the horses and explore the hedges. He has a HUGE loving heart and loves to give “kisses”.