Lavender Crest is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit - ID #81-5159323

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

You can be a part of our farm and help us grow!!  

If you enjoy lavender soaps, lotions and candles; cooking or baking with fresh lavender buds; or just dreaming of walking in the early morning of a nice summer day in a field of lavender. We have just the gift for you! We have been approached by a number of guests with the dream of owning their very own lavender farm. (No we are not selling the farm.) unfortunately, not everyone can live or work on a lavender farm. So how can you get in touch with your inner lavender feelings? What’s a would-be lavender farmer to do?

Our Lavender CSA can make your dream a reality! You can purchase a share of our lavender harvest and we’ll take care of all the tedious details (like planting, weeding, trimming plants, harvesting, cleaning buds, distilling oil and making products.)

Here’s How it Works

When you purchase a share in our CSA you are investing our “lavender harvest”. You’ll receive a shareholders certificate, discounts on items in the shop, regular blog updates on what’s going on around the farm, and an invitation to our Harvesting Day Celebration. (And if you get the urge to weed while you’re here, we’ll lend you a hoe.)

After harvesting, we’ll work our magic and in several weeks you’ll receive your share of the harvest. A number of soaps, lotions, sachets, fresh buds and surprise products all made from the fresh lavender that you helped produce at our farm. We do limit the number of shareholders so that everyone gets a bountiful supply.

We’ve priced our Lavender CSA at $125 per share.  

Our farm practices organic and natural care of our land and lavender. So you are guaranteed a fresh quality product that reflects the care we put into our farm.