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Lavender Syrup

Coming Soon Lavender Syrup & Lavender Blueberry Syrup:

Lavender brings about calming, soothing attributes. The flower has been around for since the Roman Empire and long considered an aphrodisiac, denoting love and romance. Lavender was historically used to spice the food of queens, colonists and conquerors. Lavender was then bought from Europe to the Americas, where it was grown as a herb of hospitality, medicine, perfume and spice. We find this a perfect flavoring for sorbets, shortbreads, champagne cocktails, hot teas or sparkling water.


Lavender Margarita
Lavender Roast Chicken
Grilled Pear Salad with Lavender Syrup & Gorgonzola
Lavender Saffron Fettuccine
Pears Poached with Lavender Syrup and Lemon
Lavender & Chocolate Sorbet
Lavender Ice Cream