Lavender Crest is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit - ID #81-5159323

Our Pact with Nature


Farmers are the main custodians of the earth’s environment and it is our goal to help make our land not just a source of food, but a haven for wildlife. We strive to maintain production while safeguarding the environment, and the benefits it provides and saving it for future generations. In doing so, we hope to help make agriculture more sustainable and nature more abundant.  

We know that in the future we will need more food and other ecosystem services delivered from the same area of land. To achieve this we need to: understand the key role that nature plays in supporting food production, e.g. through pollination; identify patterns and options that deliver the desired ecosystem services with positive or minimal impact on food production; and develop agricultural practices that increase productivity at the same time as delivering environmental benefits.

Developing hedge rows, leaving certain parts of our farm in a natural state and not introducing anything into our land that is not “natural”, we should be able to share our space on earth with the many beings that inhabit and make our space their home as well.