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At Lavender Crest Farm we are fortunate to meet new people from places near and far.  Occasionally, we find someone we knew all along with very special talents.  One of those people is Isabelle Jensen, a colleague of Sharon’s before they each retired from teaching.  Sharon helped establish Lavender Crest Farm and Isabelle, a thriving sewing business.  Isabelle says it’s in her DNA to be a sewer following the tradition all the way down the family tree starting with her great, great, great grandmother who immigrated to the US in the 1840s and became a seamstress in Rochester, New York.

It is our fortune that Isabelle has agreed to make some lavender-related items exclusively for us.  Along with our lavender products you see in the store, we have added some beautiful items from Isabelle.  We think they are items you will personally enjoy and consider for gift giving